MAHA is represented at the USA Hockey meetings by the following Michigan District Directors.

Gordon Bowman
Larry Johnson
Ray Kraemer
Roger Mauritho

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  • Helmet Rule - Additional Information from USA Hockey
Please see MEMORANDUM from USA Hockey for additional information.
  • The following policies have been adopted by the District 4 council concerning associations and independent teams starting with the 2011/2012 season.

    New Associations: Per the MAHA Bylaws - "An association must have a demographic large enough to support it." The District 4 Council has defined the following:

    If 51% of the associations in District 4 did not have a waiting list for their house programs for most divisions for the previous season, there is not adequate demographics for a new association. 

    For the 2011/2012 season,
    there is not sufficient demographics for a new association within District 4.

    Independent Teams: There will be no independent teams approved for 2011/2012 season. A team has the right to appeal to the board by contacting the District 4 Director. Prep/JV teams are exempt from this policy.

    Independent Teams Associating with an Existing Association: Independent teams have been encouraged to affiliate with an existing association. Starting with the 2011/2012 season - these teams must play the majority (greater than 50%) of their home games on their association ice.  The association ice must be within District 4.  Teams that do not meet these criteria are not eligible for District 4 playoffs.  Associations may be subject to disciplinary action if an affiliated team does not meet these criteria.

  • I am coaching more than one team. Do I need to submit more than one Background Check?

    No, you only need to do ONE Background Check. You can make a copy of the confirmation form for each team.

  • When can a team be rostered?

    Teams can begin rostering on August 15.

  • When can a team begin playing games?

    The 2012/2013 season begins September 1. A team can not play games/scrimmages until they are fully rostered.

  • How does the MAHA process work in regards to rule change proposals?

    • Proposals for rule changes are submitted by December 15 to the Rules Committee Chairperson. At the Winter meeting, all proposals are read, and the Rules Committee makes a recommendation. A vote is taken. Any proposal that does not carry a majority of the Board Members voting at the Winter Meeting is rejected. Any proposal that does carry a majority is brought forward to the Summer meeting for final vote. A list of proposed rule changes and the result of the vote at the winter meeting is available a few days after the winter meeting at For more information about MAHA bylaws click here.

    What is the cell phone policy that I'm hearing about?

    • Starting with 2010/2011 season, cell phones are not allowed in any locker room.
      With most kids having cell phones with cameras, there is a risk of inappropriate photos being taken and possibly being posted on the web.  Hopefully, by keeping the phones out of the locker rooms, this can be avoided. It is suggested that Associations prohibit any device that has a camera in the locker room.
    • Suggestions - 1) leave them with their parents, 2) assign a parent to collect any phones that are brought into the rink and hold  them until the end of game/practice, 3) get a small bag and collect as players enter locker room.  They can be locked in locker room and returned as kids leave the locker room.
  • Why do I have to give my social security number this year when I do my coaches background check?

  • To assure a thorough background check, a social security number is needed to do a national check.

  • Where can I see the rule changes for the 2012 season?

    The rule changes will be posted at